Welcome to my website. I am a Vancouver based visual artist with an interest in cross-disciplinary projects. An early education in science and mathematics has influenced my art practice over the years. Since 2000 my work has been related to fundamental developments in the history of science that have influenced humanity and its view of its place in the universe – specifically the seminal works of Nicholas Copernicus, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Time spent with the natural history collections at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia investigating our commonalities with the animal world has subsequently led to interdisciplinary projects that intersect fine art photography, natural history and the history of fashion design.


As a follow-up to the INVOKING VENUS: feathers and fashion exhibit in 2013, I am pleased to be collaborating again with fashion historians Claus Jahnke and Ivan Sayers in a new exhibition at the Beaty Museum entitled SKIN & BONES which explores facets of our complicated relationship with the animal world.

More about the exhibition can be found at http://beatymuseum.ubc.ca/whats-on/exhibitions/current-exhibitions/skin-bones/

To launch the SKIN & BONES exhibition, there will be a fashion show on Friday, 21 September 2018 which will highlight how animals have been exploited for fashion in the 20th century. Historical, animal-based clothing and accessories from Ivan’s and Claus’s collections will be presented with an informative and entertaining commentary by Ivan Sayers.

For tickets to the Beastly Habits fashion show, go to the Beaty Museum website http://beatymuseum.ubc.ca/events/event/beastly-habits/


Three of my Venus Takes Flight inkjet prints were recently selected for the Lions Gate Hospital Art Collection. They are on display to engage both patients and visitors in the new Denis and Joan Creighton Outpatient Care Centre.

Free and Fresh

Pleasure of the Gods

Through the Heart